About Us

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The Vocation Station aims to be the first choice for recruitment and office administration/solutions, thereby satisfying the diverse requirements of all our stakeholders, and ensuring optimal achievement of our clients’ recruitment / office objectives.  Partnering with like-minded service providers, where necessary.

Clients have the unique opportunity to make a one stop call at The Vocation Station and enjoy across the board professionalism.

The company’s strength and success lies in its versatility – offering specialised divisions in all aspects of recruitment, office administration and events co-ordination


The Vocation Station offers the following infrastructure:
• A proven track record in recruitment, office administration and business development.
• Dynamic individuals to deliver innovative ideas and provide their client base with the services best suited to the individual or company’s needs.
• Continuous communication and audit.

Our Commitment
• To provide clients with top quality, professional, attractive and intelligent recruitment options.
• A speedy response time and continuous feedback.
• Giving 100% – that is our standard of acceptance.

What sets us apart?
• We offer a specialised service, which plays an important role in the communication of companies to its candidates.
• Optimised solutions to the benefit of its customer, allowing for positive company growth.
• Highly skilled and competent individuals, with extensive recruitment and office administrative expertise.
• A proven track record in the business management and recruitment industries, which qualifies The Vocation Station, to deliver and provide its client base with the services best suited to the individual or company’s needs.